Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A tragic event: Typhoon Ondoy, 26-Sep-09

On September 26, 2009, a typhoon named Ondoy (International codename: Ketsana) hit Metro-Manila and dumped 13.5 inches of rain within 6 hours—one month's worth of rain in one afternoon... and kept raining at this pace for days.

It's population of 11,553,427 was caught unaware. Extremely heavy and relentless rain caused rivers, lakes, estuaries, and creeks to burst their banks and collapse dykes. Clogged sewers, poor drainage aggravated the situation. Roads and hi-ways turned into fast flowing rivers.

My brother was a victim of this typhoon. He and his wife stayed safe on the second floor of their house as the waters rose. The flood waters were five feet high. My other brother braved the floods with relief supplies to come to the aid of my stranded sibling. By ingenuity, perseverance, and God's graces, they all made it out. They are now safe at our ancestral home.

Others were not so lucky. Several persons drowned in my brother's neighborhood.

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Notes for comparison:

Average annual rainfall
Manila: 80"/year
New Orleans: 51"/year
Seattle: 36"/year

Manila: 11,553,427
Seattle: 582, 454
New Orleans: 311,853

Population density
Manila: 26,774/sq mi
Seattle: 6,717/sq mi
New Orleans: 2,518/sq mi

Manila: 256 sq mi
Seattle: 142.5 sq mi
New Orleans: 4,190 sq mi

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  1. We survived. We are grateful. Life will keep moving forward in the Philippines. It will be slower and harder. We'll deal with it through God's grace.

    My sympathies go to neighbors who lost family members and/or those who lost all material belongings in the case of single storey building dwellers.